Turkey is a goldmine of culinary variety. Dining in turkeys fashionable restaurants could leave a hole in your wallet or leave it entirely empty. Thus whether you are in a hurry to fill your hungry stomach or to save your wallet dining on Turkish street foods is a best option.
Below are the 10 best Turkish street foods for you to choose from

1.    Simit
Simit is the Turkish answer to the American bagel and is also a famous staple breakfast in turkey. It is a tantalizing mouthwatering breakfast that you won’t want to miss. Anyone who takes it always asks for another. It is served in almost every street in turkey.
2.    Balik-ekmek
It is one of the most popular street foods in turkey especially in Istanbul and is commonly called the fish sandwiches. One might be tempted to sit at a restaurant to take Balik-ekmek but it’s only when you’ll get served it when on the country’s street that you’ll notice that eating it while in the streets leaves you with a sweeter taste than when it’s served on the restaurant.
3.    Lahmacun
 Often referred to as the Turkish pizza the Lahmacun is a simple meal made from thin dough and latter topped with minced meat and an onion red pepper mixture and then baked in an oven for few minutes. It is best served while hot.
ยท         When being served it is topped up with a handful of parsley and a few drops of lemon juice and then rolled.
ยท         It is a very delicious meal that you won’t want to miss while on the Turkish streets.
4.    Durum
Durum is another Turkish food that you’ll find in almost all corners of the country streets. Whether you prefer beef chicken, cheese or veggie, this meal will have them in wrap form and will surely set you free from hunger pangs
5.    Tantuni
The Tantuni is a close relative of the durum and is made using tomatoes, peppers, beef and a sprinkling of spices wrapped in thin tortilla. Whether you like spices or not the Tantuni will favor you as it come in both spicy and non-spicy versions. It is one of the foods that you’ll enjoy while on the streets of turkey.
6.    Midye dolmas
This is more of a snack than of a meal. Midye dolmas are mussels mixed with spicy rice and are served with a bit of lemon juice. The midye dolma is a delicious meal that leaves a massaging effect on your stomach.
7.    Kokorec
The kokorec is another Turkish street meal that you won’t want to miss. It consists of spiced and skewered sheep’s intestines and is served with either half or a quarter loaf of bread. If you want you can spice the dish with some salt. It is one of the most liked Turkish street foods especially by post drunkards.
8.    Kumpir
Kumpir consists of baked potato and is a dish that you can’t miss in the streets of turkey. Kumpir looks like kasar cheese and is toped up with several spices. It is a dish that you won’t want to miss.
9.    Tavuk Pilav
Tavuk Pilav is a perfect meal especially when taken for lunch. It’s a perfect meal for chicken and rice lovers. It’s a hot and filling meal and even locals swear that it is a meal not worth leaving
This is a baked meal. It works best as breakfast. It is served with cheese in between the doughs.
Eating it in the streets will leave you with an experience you won’t want to forget. Apply for the Turkish online visa, get it, visit turkey and eat the above Turkish street foods.