There are always so many interesting things that can be said about food. You will not find any shortage of amazing facts that you can share with your friends. While we can say so many different things, we want to highlight some truly surprising things that few people actually know about. We are sure that most of these facts will surprise you.

Honey Will Never Rot

There are not many foods that will never be spoiled and honey is one of them. This is due to different reasons. For starters, honey is basically a sugar. There is really low moisture content. While consuming too much sugar can easily land you a trip to the dentist, if you limit intake it should not be a problem. Secondly, the pH balance is distinct. Honey is acidic and basically kills microorganisms. You can only end up with spoiled honey when water is added.

Cyanide Content In Apples

Some people will tell you that you can die when you eat apple seeds because they include cyanide. As you surely know, cyanide is a poison that can kill people. The good news is that you only find cyanide inside apple seeds. Also, you have really low possibility of getting sick after eating the seeds as there is not much toxin included.

You Can Use Tomatoes To Produce Electricity

Amazing Food Facts

This is a rather new discovery that appeared thanks to the work of the ACS (American Chemical Society). Tomato waste can be transformed into electricity because methane gas is produced by the waste. By using an electrochemical cell, you can generate electric content. While it is not possible to power even an electric car since you just get around 0.3 watts, it is still something that is really amazing. Such discovery can lead towards new discoveries in the future.

Chocolate Is Money

The value of chocolate is really high for many but what you might not be aware of is the fact that during the sixteenth century we saw chocolate being used as currency. The Aztec in Latin America traded cacao beans for tamale meals. One hundred beans were traded for a turkey that could feed an entire family. Also, during American Revolutionary War we saw chocolate offered to soldiers as a wage replacement. While now it is money that dictates wages, during those times the sweet treat was so popular that it could replace currencies.

Peanuts Are Dynamite

Believe it or not, there is a clear link between dynamite and peanuts. You have dynamite being formed out of nitroglycerine. This is an oily liquid that can be derived from glycerol. When peanut oil is processed, you have the production of glycerol present. Glycerol is found in both peanuts and dynamite. You will not be able to blow anything with the glycerol inside peanuts but this fact is definitely one that is interesting.

It is not at all difficult to find amazing food facts but we do hope that what we mentioned above is really interesting. It will definitely offer much conversation.