I know I am late to post this. My son turned into one. He celebrated his first Birthday on October ,2014.It is so fast and still I can’t believe that he is one year old. We organized a simple Birthday party to celebrate the big day. We are really happy that we both could organize the party and celebrate the time with few close friends.
I thought it is nice to share some details of this first Birthday Party with you all. If you are planning a Birthday party, there may be some ideas to pick. Specially , it is interesting and exciting to organize a first birthday party as first time parents.
We started planning the party about 3 weeks before the Birthday. It was super easy to decide the theme. From the beginning, I allowed my son to watch nursery rhymes and he really likes to listen and watch songs. His favourite songs are Old MacDonald had a farm and BINGO. Other than these 2 songs, he also likes songs like ‘Lets walk into the jungle’ ,Animal songs’ etc. Now theme is clear. First we thought of ‘Farm Animals’. But later we changed to the theme to ‘Jungle Animals’ because we could easily found decorations related to jungle animals.
Here are few moments from the party.
Before everything, here is our Birthday boy. 
My family members said that he looks older in these photos. I had to repeat several times, ‘no he is still one year old’ for some of my cousins. I guess it is due to his outfit with collars. Any comments?

Do you think I am pretty good at these craft work? Ah, I just made this door banner and hanged at the front gate. 
Luckily we could buy some Birthday party hats with animal theme. We used those to some decorations too.Also I used letter stickers,so it was easier to create this door banner.
We had some animal finger Muppet bought from IKEA and those animals also were invited to the party.
Here are some cake toppers I created using Animal stickers. For most of decorations, I involved my son too. He helped me by dragging the papers, throwing the supplies etc. 🙂 
Anyway, we didn’t have time to decorate cupcakes. Instead these animal cake toppers were good with snacks.
What do you think of his Birthday Banner? It is my own creation 🙂 🙂
 We used colour papers to cut square and circle shapes.Then we glued printed letters to say ‘Happy Birthday’.After that I punched those cards and connected with a ribbon.I used few animal photos to make it match with the party theme.
We sticked some green crape papers on the wall and that acted as a photo background.I guess it is nicer than empty white wall.

All his animal toys were invited for the party.:) It was an easy way to convert our home for an animal themed party.
Here is our Birthday Cake. It was a black forest cake and decorated with an animal train.

We ordered food from a catering service for the lunch. I also cooked some food.

Below is my last minute table arrangement for the party.

Finally, here are some captures from the buffet. We ordered some seafood.

 I also cooked vegetarian fried rice, vegetable fried vermicelli and vegetable chop suey for our vegetarian friends.

We also arranged a salad bar to those who love raw food and salads. But, instead of preparing a salad dressing, we used some store bought salad dressings.It was the easy idea considering the free time we have with one year old baby.

Other than the cake, we served some fresh fruits with a yogurt dressing as the dessert. Then some green tea after eating everything to burn the extra calories.

Here are some moments from the party.

Here is our photo display of his 12 months photos. I pasted photos on rectangle shaped colour papers. Then I used circles with numbers glued to name each month. Finally combined all with a ribbon .It was a nice decoration and good to wake our memories.
The animal party hats were arranged in a way as a decoration on the snack table.
We made Party favour bags simple by using paper bags and tying them with a ribbon. I used a simple paper tag and pasted it on the bag. Inside the bag we included few items matching with animals theme.
If you plan a first Birthday party,here is a tip.Remember to take photos of the birthday baby before guests arrive.One of my good friends gave me this tip and she saved me.Because,once the guests arrived,you don’t have much time to pay on photographs unless you assign someone for that task.


Here are some useful tips for  planning of a Birthday party.

Here are some services and merchants we used for the supplies.These may be helpful if you are looking for a themed party.

Party favours- From Mustafa Singapore and NTUC @ Ang Mo Kio hub

First year photo album is from
Montage (we are still working on that)

Birthday cake –A shop near NTUC, Ang Mo Kio.

Some stationary and supplies- Popular book shop,Singapore.