Bento is a packed meal in a box found in Japanese cuisine. Always a bento box is beautiful in appearance & also it is a well balanced meal with nutrients.
Here is my first try of making a Bento meal box,and I tried to make it simple & easy.
Theme used is Onigiri.Onigiri is basically rice balls wrapped with see weeds.
For this bento box I used:
Onigiri of heart shaped using plain white rice
Few fresh grapes
Steamed broccoli
Spring onion
Use of warm cooked rice was easier to make the onigiri.
Scoop a small portion of rice into a cling wrap/or a sandwich bag & press it into desired shape.Or use a cookie cutter to form a shape.
I used a heart shaped cutter to form my onigiri.Here is the tutorial I read about onigiri
Made some flowers from carrot.See here how to make the carrot flower.
After that arranged the lunch box using the fruits & veggies & I wanted to appear it as a flower pot.
 I used some carrot slices/strips to decorate onigiri flower pot.

Is this cute?? 🙂