These days I don’t do much cooking. Even though I cook, I don’t get enough time for a photograph. Anyway I captured this as a quick bento to participate with Bento Blog Network weekly event. It is exciting to participate with those weekly linky parties. I always find new blogs & ideas by participating with those parties. And there are few parties I always like to join with.

This week’s theme is ‘Reptiles’, however the only adorable reptile I could think of in a bento box is a ‘turtle’. 🙂
This turtle is of orange, grapes & carrots on a slice of bread.

However I added some grape penguins too.
Grape penguins are easier to make. I have seen many posts using cream cheese & olive to make these penguins as an appetizer. Similarly I used some cheese strip inside a grape & used a tooth pick to connect grapes as a penguin.
Beak & eyes are from carrot pieces.

 Turtle Bento is ready!!

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