This ‘Rock Melon Centrepiece’ is my submission for ‘Fall Carving Contest 2012’ organised by Selena
I am still a beginner & even I don’t have required tools for Food carving. Therefore I decided to participate with this ‘Rock Melon Centrepiece’ which I found easier to do as a beginner.


The winners will be selected by a poll.
Hope you would like to support me by voting for this. 🙂
Here is the voting procedure
1. Go to this link.
2.Check side bar for ‘Fall Carving Contest 2012’ poll.
3.Then vote for ‘no 4’ which is ‘Rock Melon Centerpiece’.
4.First Click ‘no 4’ & then click ‘vote’ which is given below in that poll.
5.Please check whether the vote is counted, by checking the vote summary.
Hope this ‘Rock Melon Centerpiece’ is nice enough for voting…
Thanks a lot in advance…
Have a Great Day!