Wine Accessories You Needn’t Live Without

If you love to sip a nice vintage on a warm summer evening, you probably are already pretty content. However, if you would like to take your enjoyment up a notch, here are some wine accessories you didn’t know you were missing out on.

Rabbit-style Corkscrew

Sure, there are lots of devices for opening a wine bottle, but how many can be achieved in less than five seconds? A “rabbit” corkscrew uses a lever to quickly drive the metal spiral into the cork, then the same lever pulls the cork out of the bottle before it is ejected. Most of these corkscrews also include a foil cutter, cutting down the bottle-opening time even further.

Temperature Tools

Wine enthusiasts know that temperature is key for full enjoyment of a glass of red, white or anything in between. But what if you are in the mood for a nice, cool white wine but you don’t have any in the fridge? Now there are a couple innovate tools to bring that wine to temp lickety-split. One of these is an icicle-shaped chiller that reaches deep into the bottle to do its thing. Another choice is an ice pack-style wrap that stores in the freezer until you are ready to pop it around the base of bottle. Regardless which accessory you choose, you can be just minutes away from a perfectly chilled glass.

Wine Stain Treatment

No matter how hard we try, eventually spills are going to happen. If you have red wine in your glass, a drip can spell disaster for light-colored clothing, furniture or carpet. Unless, that is, you have some red wine stain remover on hand. After a few quick sprays and a blot with a towel, the stain can disappear from sight!

Preservation Props

Sure, an open bottle can be resealed again quickly with the cork. But if you are looking for a vacuum seal that can make the remaining wine last up to a couple weeks, a wine preserver might be the way to go. Some of the valves just pop into the mouth of the bottle, and others have a valve plus a pump you use to remove air from the bottle. Either way, you won’t have worry about the flavor of the wine being altered.

Bottle-Top Decanters

Taking the time to decant both red and white wines will enhance their flavor before drinking. The most compact and convenient way to achieve this is with a bottle-top aerator, which you simply attach and pour the wine through. The glass construction adds elegance to the handy tool.