I love Blogging
Today my blog turns into 2 years old. Though it is still 2 years old, I feel like I am blogging from many years. This blog has become a part of my life. Before 2 years ago, I just started this blog to share recipes in details. At that time, I already had my facebook page and it was becoming popular. But when I think of today, I spend more time on Food Corner blog than Food Corner facebook page.

So, I want to thank you all fellow blogger friends and readers who were with me during this journey. Your each and every word made me happy and encouraged me so far. With other work in life, I still could find some time for the blog as it makes me so happy.
I hope you all will support me in my journey for further years!
I just thought of sharing few reasons why I love blogging so much.
Sri Lankan Food Blog
1) I could find fellow friends with similar interests.
This blog is a place where I could meet many friends with similar interests. They visit me frequently and leave a small note. That makes me really happy. I feel I am connected with many friends around the world. Though contacts are through writings and comments, it is a warm feeling same as chatting with friends face to face.
2) I could learn about new recipes and food culture
Earlier I always searched for recipes and tried them. But now because of other fellow bloggers, I always find new recipes and some interest facts among their food cultures. It is really interesting when we know at least a little bit more about food cultures and recipes from other countries.
3) My interest and skills on cooking has improved
Now I really like my everyday cooking. Very rarely I feel lazy. I always try to cook any dish at its best. Unlike earlier, now I don’t feel afraid to try new recipes. I believe this is a result of food blog.
4) My reading habits and writing skills are improved.
I really feel I have improved my writing skills. Because of the blog, I try to read some other articles and posts which helps to improve the blog. These everything make my knowledge a bit wider.
5) I could learn more about html,seo etc
Before 2 years ago, I really didn’t know what is html, what is a web site layout, what do you mean by SEO etc etc. But because of this blog, I could learn bit more about this new field. Though I still don’t understand these things in details, I could gain a basic knowledge which a blogger should have. Interestingly, now I am able to read & understand an article written about SEO and apply those things to improve my blog.
6) My photography skills are improved.

Here is the first picture I posted in this blog.(2011/03/12)

After 4-5 rejections, finally one of my photographs is accepted by Foodgawker.

Though I am not very good in Food Photography, I am sure I have improved a bit in food photography. I guess the main reason is encouraging words from other fellow bloggers. Also I can see nice Food Photographs of others which give me new ideas.

7) It makes me happy when I feel my blog helps others
Sometimes I receive comments or emails from readers saying that they looked for a specific recipe and found in my blog or they say that my recipes helped them that really make me happy.
8) I am able to get different new products free.
After about 1 year of blogging, PR companies started to contact me. They send me different new products for review purpose. It is a really nice experience when I receive those products because of this food blog.
9) I will never say ‘I am bored’!
I remember, earlier I had some free time and didn’t know what to do. But now I don’t have such free time. If I am free, I spend time on food blog. Yes, I am not bored!
10) I earn some money for my charity work.
At the time of I started this blog, I saw ‘Google AdSense’ feature and added to my blog with the idea that if I earn any money from this blog, I will use that for charity purpose. However until about 1 year, I didn’t receive any pay out. But, from September last year, I receive a monthly payment. (The minimum payment).It is a small amount if I consider it in dollars. But it is a reasonable amount if I consider it in Sri Lankan Rupees. I could use that money for charity purpose in Sri Lanka happily. This is something I didn’t reveal so far. I want to thank you all fellow friends and readers for your support on this blog as you all are part of the charity work I have done so far.
So far I shared some serious facts to show why I love blogging. Other than above facts there are few other reasons which make me a happy blogger. From all those funny facts from taking lots of photos till the food is getting cold to collect lot of cookbooks though I don’t try all the recipes inside the cookbooks, below two are some facts I experience but still I love to experience.
– Before any meal, still my husband asks me, ‘Have you finished taking the photographs?’. I guess it is a habit of him now! 🙂

– During office days, if we go out for any meal, my colleague asks ‘Do you want to take a photograph of this food and publish in Food Corner?’. 🙂  Though I don’t publish such photos, I am not sure why she reminds that to me in every time when she see delicious food. I know she enjoys Food Corner same as I do! 
Thanks again for all of you readers and fellow blogging friends for your support on Food Corner!
Thank you Blog Followers
I guess you too have reasons to love your Food Blog. I would love to know your ideas on that. Please share your thoughts and ideas.