This is a fun & easy treat for Christmas season. However I saw this ice cream cone trees in many websites.
These trees are good for cupcakes or even good for ginger bread house decoration .
I used them to decorate cupcakes.
Here is the recipe.
Ingredients (for 6 nos)
6 ice-cream cones
Buttercream Icing coloured in green
Few colourfull candy (M & M)
6 cupcakes
First you need to bake cupcakes. (Here is the recipe for vanilla cupcakes)
Start decorating after cupcakes are cool down,
I used a star tip for decorating.
First use some icing in the bottom of ice cream cones and paste them on top of cup cakes.
Then cover it with butter cream icing in the pattern of top to bottom.
After covered the Ice-cream cone, paste some candy. Icing itself will act as glue & easy to hold candies.
I used a gum candy as the top of the tree.
They look so colorful & good for Christmas season.