Dried Fruit Kompot

I wonder why I never found this recipe before. We loved the taste of this fruit drink & it is much easier to prepare. So this is going to be a repeating recipe at my home. I found this as a good & healthy alternative for apple juice or any other juices we buy.
Dried Fruit Kompot

Kompot is a traditional Russian non alcoholic beverage. Different types of dried fruits such as Apple, pears, prune, cherries & berries can be used to prepare this drink.

Here is my recipe as per ingredients I had.
1/2 cup dried pears
½ cup dried prunes
½ cup dried apples (Instead I used a fresh apple)
Dried orange skin (optional)
Any other dried fruits like cherry, berries.
Water about 3 cups
Sugar or honey as per taste (I used palm sugar )
I used slow cooker for my recipe as it was much easier.
Mix all the dry fruits after cleaning. Keep them in a sauce pan.
Add water & let it boil.
Add honey or any sweetener.
Let it simmer for about 1 hour.Adjust water as per taste & required volume.
If you use slow cooker, then cook it for around 4 hours.
Once it is done, serve hot or after refrigerated.
Dried Fruit Kompot

The recipe is sent to “Flavours of Russia” Event 

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