I am so happy to announce the winners of this week.Moreover that I am happy to see all of your participation to my small contest.

This week our winner is…..Everyday Mom’s Meals .Congratulations!!!!
This is her Walking Tacos. Why dont you try this recipe?Must be super delicious!!

Do you know who is the 2nd place winner??She is again   Everyday Mom’s Meals 
Her Key Lime Pie has won our fan’s hearts 🙂

Ohhh I noticed this now.Again she is the winner of 3rd place.Who is she? Our lovely foodie friend Everyday Mom’s Meals is a winner again & this is the food picture of Strawberry Cream Salad. Congratulations for all these achievements!!

 This is our 4th place winner.This was attracted by many of our fans just in few minutes after published the photo.She is Sumptuous Spoonfuls and this is the winner photo of  Peach Banana Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches. Congratulations & hope your participation in next week too..

 We have three winners for the 5th place.All these foods are great.Thanks for your participation & thanks for sharing with us.Hope to see you all in next week too….Congratulations!!
These are our 5th place winners.

Following is Fruit Flan by Bon Viveur

And Strawberry Chocolate Biscotti by Mia’s Domain

And again this is a winner of 5th place.Spiral Sugar Cookies by Cooking with my soul  . Congratulations!!!

Thanks all my foodie friends for participation & hoping to see you in next week too….
Ah don’t forget now all these photos will be in our month end contest!!