Another week has moved & we have come to an end of a contest.
Even this is a small contest,it is really exciting….
Today is a bit busy day for me,so I worry I cannot write more about these winners.However I want to announce the winners as faster as I can,if not there is no excitment!!!

Ok,The food of the week – The winner is…..


Chocolate Cake Balls rolled in Almonds or Oreos by Missy Husted. Have a glance at her work in Guns-grub-and-other goodies.

We have two 2nd places and the competition was so warm.The difference between  the First & 2nd places is only 1 vote,same as last time.

This is the submission from A Dash of Thyme  Visit her blog for some more food & recipes.Congradulations!!!

Just now I realized,A Dash of Thyme won both 2nd places.This is their other submission which won the same votes as the previous.

Our 4th place goes to Mias Domain. Congradulations!!!! Your food is so good & attractive.

Visit the recipe for this winning food here

Our 5th place goes toLisa Powell, Independent Chocolatier, Dove Chocolate Discoveries    Check their work  here

Finally I want to thank you all,who participated & who voted.Every day you all make my day happy!!

Keep in touch with the page & dont forget all these photos will be added to our final contest for the ‘Food of the Month’ !!!