Kebab is always a great appetizer. Be it with vegetable, meat or fruit, it gives a pleasing appearance & inviting to taste.
Here I used fresh fruits for Kebab. I believe fresh fruit is tastier & healthier than grilled.
Here we can use any type of fruit which can be inserted into skewers.
Here is the way I did.
Some Fresh fruit (I used Apple,Pears,Orange & grapes)
Lemon Juice added to half cup water
Few skewers
Wash & clean all the fruit.
Then cut them into bite size pieces.
Dip Apple, Pears & (also banana if using), in lemon juice to prevent discoloring
Arrange fruit in skewers in alternating pattern
Can serve with a dip prepared with yogurt & cheese or serve fresh.
These can be a good appetizer in a picnic.
This Fruit Kebab can be displayed in few ways.
1) Tray Display
Just arrange nicely in a flat tray & serve. If you use some lettuce, the arrangement will be nicer. Anyway I didn’t have Lettuce that day.  🙂
2) Bouquet Display
Select a beautiful vase or even a glass, arrange fruit Kebabs in it. Here I used a piece of apple inside the vase, & inserted Kebabs into it easily. This can be used as a centerpiece of a table, isn’t it? strawberries will give some beautiful colour for the display.(If added)
 The Kebabs were really nice.Not only that,they were really colourful & beautiful.

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