Koththu Roti is a most popular food in Sri lanka.And it has a unique style of making koththu roti in restaurants with beating to a music.Below is mz waz of making Koththu Roti at home.If you can buy frozen paratha,then it is easy to use it directly,If not make godamba roti first and then use it in koththu roti.

Koththu Roti

Here is my recipe.Hope you would love to make it at home.

Ingredients (for 3 person)

8-10 large Parata/Godamba roti (The recipe for Godamba Roti is shared under Vegetable Roti Recipe)
4 medium carrots grated
few  green beans cut into thin stripes
1/2 of a bell pepper cut into thin stripes
Cabbage,Leek cut into small pieces(You can use vegetables as per your taste & choice)

2 onions sliced
chopped garlic and ginger
2 green chillies chopped
2 spring curry leaf and rampe
2 eggs

3 tomatos cut into small cubes
Cooked Chicken pieces cut into small pieces (from the cooked chicken curry)

Chicken curry about 1 cup  (Chicken ,fish or any other meat as per your taste & choice)

Cut the parata into thin stripes and then cut into 2 inch size pieces and set aside.
Cut vegetables,chicken.Beat the eggs & keep aside.
Koththu Roti
Koththu Roti
Get a large pan and add 2 tbsn cooking oil and add the sliced onions and stir until golden brown.
Then add chopped ginger, garlic, green chillie, curry leaves and rampe and stir well.
Then add vegetables & fry well.
Now add eggs and scramble it well. Let it cook for a while.
After that add chicken pieces & stir well.
Then add tomato and stir well frying the mix until tomato get soften.
After few minutes add the striped parata/Godamba Roti and mix well. Finally add the meat curry and then mix well until it sticks together.Check for salt & pepper.
Koththu roti is ready to serve.
Koththu Roti

Pl follow the link below for the recipe of Godamba roti / Paratha