Ambarella Achcharu /Ambarella Pickle

Ambarella Achcharu (Ambarella Pickle) is a kind of street food we enjoy in Sri Lanka. It is easy to prepare at home. I remember we as students, enjoyed this during school days. It is easy to find a vendor selling this type of Achcharu near schools or even in train or beach.

Ambarella Achcharu /Ambarella Pickle

I remember ,we had different  Fundraising Events during school days.This is one of the items we prepared and sold to other students. It was a really nice experience and we could raise some funds for some school projects.

Recently I could find some Ambarella and thought of preparing this achcharu as a snack. Though it is a simple recipe, I thought of sharing it here. Those who likes to have a savory snack, would love this!
Ambarella Achcharu-Sri Lankan street food

2-3 Ambarella fruits
1 tspn red chili powder
1 tspn sugar
Salt as per taste
1-2 tbspn water
Ambarella Achcharu -Sri Lankan street food

Peel the skin of Ambarella.
Cut it into pieces.
Mix other all ingredients with water and make the sauce. Change the quantity of ingredients as per taste. Instead of water, you can use vinegar. But I don’t use vinegar as it makes this more sour.
Grind the Ambarella pieces coarsely. When grinding, add some spoons of sauce into this.Finally add all the remaining sauce to the coarsely ground ambarella. Mix well.
Ambarella  Achcharu is ready!
Enjoy as a snack!
Ambaralla Achcharu /Ambaralla Pickle