Blurb Photo Book Review

Blurb is a place where you can create your own photo books or even recipe books. Photos are part of memories of our lives and it is better to organize those in a better manner. Whenever we talk about organizing photos, Photo Albums come to mind first. How about a printed photo book with some details of the incidents written? On the other way, a book created by you as you wish. In a photo album, it is always a same size photos. But a customized photo book gives the chance to create a book with some creativity.

Blurb Photo Book Review

Few months ago I joined with Blurb affiliate programme. As a sign up opportunity, they were kind enough to send me a free code to use for any photo book. That time I was preparing for delivery of my son. So, we decided to use that code to prepare a photo book for our son.
In this book, we included photos from pregnancy to his 1st month .This is a great piece of our memories. We included some details like his birth time, visitors, what others told, comments etc in this book. Since we were busy with the new baby and at the same time we were spending time in Sri Lanka, we couldn’t insert many photos. But still this small photo book is a great piece for us. Thanks Blurb for the free coupon.

Here are some of our ideas about this photo book with Blurb. Actually,we really like this book.

  • The quality of the book is really good. Anyway, we in our side, did a mistake of not ordering a hard book cover. When ordering, there are few options to select. We selected soft cover thinking it will be nice. But, now we think hard cover book is great for a photo book and will order next photo books with that feature.

  • Colors are true to the natural colors. Therefore this photo book is really beautiful with memories of our little son.

  • The creating of a photo book was so easy and it was so much fun. Going through past memories of pregnancy and his birth was really awesome.

Blurb Photo Book Review
  • We created with Blurb BookSmart feature and that gave many options and layouts to select.

We included some pregnancy photos, how we prepared to welcome baby, his birth story, photos of first few days, the gifts we received and friends who came to visit him.

Now we are preparing to celebrate his first birthday. He is 11 months old now. We need to make another photo book with Blurb including his memories of first year.

If you think of making a photo book– I highly recommend Blurb. They even offer discounts and coupons time to time. It is a great site for cookbooks and other photo books too.

If you are a blogger– why not join with Blurb  Affiliate Programme? May be you also will get a free coupon to try their products before promoting.