Recently I received some tea samples from Teavivre for review purpose. From the different types of Tea, I thought of trying a White Tea sample first.
Teavivre Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Bai hao Yin Zhen) is the highest grade of White Tea.  It is originated from Fuding,Fujian China. This White Tea consists only of the top unopened tea leaf buds. The bud is covered of fine white hairs. Therefore it looks like a white needle.
Some Health Benefits of White Tea are,

-Highest level of antioxidants of all teas

-Highest level of vitamins and minerals
-balances cholesterol by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good
-reduce the incidence of some forms of cancer
-Improve skin complexion
Teavivre Organic Silver Needle White Tea
How to brew White Tea
Heat water to the boiling point, and then allow it cool.
Do not steep white tea in boiling water. The best temperature is   176° F or 80°C for brewing white tea.
Many antioxidants can be destroyed at temperatures that close to the boiling point and the tea will lose some of its best qualities.
Meanwhile prepare Your Tea Set
Pour hot water into Tea pot & cups to Warm and Cleanse.
Put white tea into Teapot or cup.
Pour Water into Tea pot to brew white tea
Wait 1-3 mins.
White Tea is ready to serve.
Organic Silver Needle White Tea
As Teavivre  says,I found that  this Organic Silver Needle White Tea sample doesn’t contain any opened leaves. All the buds are unopened. Once brewed, it gave a pale golden colour. The taste is light, without any bitterness or strong flavour. There was a light flowery fragrance. I liked the taste as it is not very strong as of Black tea.
To buy or to check more details of this White Tea, Check  Teavivre
Silver Needle White Tea
Now come to the Giveaway. Teavivre agreed to sponsor  a Gift sample which consists of 4 types of Tea samples for one of Food Corner reader.
Teavivre Tea
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7. This Giveaway is open worldwide. Shipping  of the gift is by Teavivre  & I only select the winner on behalf of them.
Good Luck everybody!! I hope you would like to taste this high quality tea from Teavivre.
Disclosure: I was provided with the products of above by Teavivre.  However all comments, ideas, and opinions are my own true opinions.
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