Every so often, you come across a delicious taste treat in a restaurant that really invites your palate to revisit the restaurant often. If this taste treat is a breakfast item, clearly you do not want to go out for breakfast every day of the week, but you still want to eat this dish. Can you effectively replicate the dish at home? Can forte breakfast foods from restaurants become a staple meal in your house? Let’s take a closer look.

French Toast, Mediterranean Style

The Fig and Olive Melrose Place Restaurant in California does this French toast with a Mediterranean flair. The French toast itself is fairly standard; thick-sliced bread dipped in flower and beaten egg with a little sugar. However, it is the cinnamon fig jelly that makes quite the difference.

Cinnamon fig jelly is made with pulverized figs, vegan gelatin (if you are copying the restaurant’s version), freshly grated cinnamon sticks and just a hint of sugary sweetness to balance out the cinnamon and figs. If you have ever canned jelly before, this should not be too difficult, although you may have to make several jars of the cinnamon fig jelly to get it just right. If you succeed, then yes, you can recreate this sweet breakfast item.

Truffle Mushroom Fontina

If you crave a more savory breakfast, or you just love your protein in the morning, you probably adore the truffle mushroom Fontina dish. Truffle oil pressed from the best truffles money can buy helps the organic eggs cook to a delightfully light, flavorful and fluffy omelet.

To reproduce the perfection of this omelet at home you need the best truffle oil you can buy, all-organic, cage-free eggs (at least 3), scallions diced (wisk these into the egg mixture or combine them with the mushrooms to stuff the omelet), cremini mushrooms (sans stems and chopped fine) and a little milk or heavy cream to give the eggs some body.

If you do not make omelets on a regular basis, you will need lots of practice to get this right. Otherwise your attempts at reproducing this dish will only turn into lumpy scrambled eggs. It takes a little more skill than what most people have to reproduce this savory breakfast treat. Additionally, making any sort of substitution for the above ingredients will only result in a dish that is subpar and is most definitely not a reproduction of the truffle mushroom Fontina served in the Fig and Olive Melrose Place Restaurant.

The Long and Short Answer to “Can You Replicate Them at Home?”

To summarize, the above restaurant breakfast foods display some serious skill in the kitchen. If you are not the cooking type, then no, you probably cannot reproduce these dishes at home. However, if you feel quite at home in your kitchen and you are used to cooking dishes that require more than four or five steps, AND you love making your own jams, jellies, oil mixtures, etc., then yes, you can reproduce these dishes no problem. The only other thing you would need to do is sample these dishes at the restaurant and then take notes on taste to get the seasonings and flavors just right at home.