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Burger bun is one of my easy breakfasts because it is always easy to prepare. However I always buy the plain bun from the super market & just try to do it with different filling.

This burger bun recipe is bit special because here I tried to use some of my left over potatoes from yesterday dinner. This was an experiment & it was successful.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients (For 2 burgers)

2 plain burger buns
About half cup boiled potato or small potato boiled & peeled the skin (I used some leftover)
Some other few vegetables sliced thinly (optional)
2 slices of tomato
2 round slices of onion
1 leaf of lettuce
1 green chilly or bell pepper
Salt & pepper to taste
1 tbspn Corn flour
Bread crumbs
Oil to fry


Mash boiled potato. Season with salt & pepper. Add some other vegetable if you use.

Add 1 tbspn corn flour to the mix & Mix all together.
Make it into 2 patties.
Cover with bread crumbs.
Now patties are ready to fry.

I used pan fry method.
Heat oil in a flat pan.
Once it is hot, add the patties & pan fry turning both sides & until it is golden brown.

Now patties are ready.

Meanwhile prepare the buns. Cut the bun & open it.
Slightly apply a layer of butter for more taste.
Then arrange the bun with the filling.
First is the lettuce. Then place a pattice.Arrange tomato, onion & green chili on top.

Cover the bun with top part.
Serve & enjoy.

Sharing this with my new event Love your Food- Don’t waste it  because this is a method to use leftover potatoes & vegetables for the next day

Now I am sharing this with the event ‘Fast Food but not Fat food‘ started by Priya & Guest hosting by Archana.Because this is an easy & healthy way to prepare burger buns at home.

Sharing with Sunday Special  @ Roshan’s Cucina