We are blessed to have our meal everyday. But there are thousands of people suffer to find their everyday meal to survive. Why we do not value the blessing that we have? Food wasting is common in many houses. Here we can start to spread the word to not to waste food. At least few among us will start to think about it. This is a challenge. But as a community who love cooking & looking for new recipe ideas, we can start spreading ideas for minimizing food wastage.

With that in my mind, I thought of collecting ideas & recipes from you all & to organize a Blog event. As usual a Blog event will end up with a recipe round up. However I am planning to do the round up & also collect all entries to an e-book which can be distributed freely. Even via email to our friends & also via my newsletter which I am planning to start in near future. The aspect is to spread the word ‘Not to waste food’ among people starting from our family.

I hope you all will participate with this.

This is how the event is going on.

Think how we can reduce food wasting in our kitchen. 

It can be a new recipe to use leftover cooked food/leftover uncooked ingredients or it can be menu planning. Simple food storing tips will help to reduce waste too. There may have shocking stories/experience that you have faced & converted you to not to waste food. Send me those as entries to the event. Email it to me even it is a few words food tip.

Also please note all the entries will go to my final round up in this Blog and also to the free e-book which I am planning to prepare.(With the link of your Blog/page)
Why I plan for a Free e-book? Simply we do not have time to go through all the recipes in a recipe round up. But if it is an e-book, we can save it in the computer & can refer later. Even can share with the others…
Send the entries to slfoodcorner@gmail.com with following details.
If it is a recipe,

1)       Recipe Name:
2)       Recipe URL
3)       Name of your Blog/Page
4)       Your name as to be appeared 
5)       Photo of the recipe
6)       Type of dish: ex: Main dish, dessert, appetizer etc
7)       If you do not have a Blog/Facebook page, send me a typed recipe as a word document

If it is an article or simple tips, email me with your name & blog / link (if applicable)

Remember to use the subject of email as ‘Event-Don’t waste food’

Send as many as recipes & tips. 

Wherever possible, use the event badge in your Blog posts with a link to this post. If you do not have a blog, simply share this post in your facebook page or personal account. This is just to spread the word of this theme. But not mandatory.

Closing date is October 31st.Hope I will receive enough entries from you.

Again, this is a challenge!!

Love your food-Don’t waste it!!

Happy cooking!!

P.S. If I need to change any of the above rules/procedure, please feel free to email me your suggestions