5 proven tips to increase blog traffic & get a bigger audience in few days

As some of you know, I was away from the blog for few months. When I came back to blogging, the first shocking thing I experienced was I have lost my audience and traffic. The initial posts I posted in last June didn’t receive much comments or post views. My daily page views were reduced to a numbers such as 1500-1600 views per day. The percentage of returning visitors were lower, that is because most of the subscribers and followers knew that I don’t update the blog.
I spent June & July months to increase the traffic to my food blog and to get the audience back. There are lot of tips and tricks over internet about increasing web traffic. But most importantly I wanted my audience back who engage with the post. Even a little comment from readers, followers and fellow bloggers make my day than tons of traffic.
So here are the top five tips I practiced to get my audience back together with increased blog traffic.
1.    Update the blog frequently (at least once a week)
I found updating the blog frequently is more important to attract readers. If I compare a day which I posted a new content with a day without new content, always traffic is higher when there is a new post published. Last months I experimented with the posting frequency. This is because earlier I thought  frequent updating can make the readers bored with the blog. But the blog data showed the increased page views and engagements with frequent posts. However I tried to change the subjects of new posts, if you have noticed; now I don’t post Sri Lankan recipes in two subsequent days.
On the other way, writing & posting frequently is not an easy task. Quality is a matter over quantity.
2.    Keep visiting other blogs and give appropriate comments.
I spent some time daily to visit other blogs. (Mostly 1 hour) Always I followed the rule of not to spam their blogs with hyperlinks, this attracted more new bloggers to my blog including my fellow bloggers. I found it is interesting and engaging when I write a meaningful comment than just say yummy!
3.    Participate with weekly linky parties.

Weekly link parties sent me a great traffic together with new followers. Most of the parties are hosted by a team of bloggers. So, by linking a post to one blog gives the exposure to readers of few blogs who host the party. Always numbers of post views of those linked posts are higher than a post not linked to a linky party. 
However, stick to the rules of link party. Most of the blog owners require simple rules such as share the party and become a follower of their blog. That is reasonable with the effort they take to host a party every week. I use my Blog events calendarto link all the parties I participate. Therefore it is easier to find blog parties every day.

4.    Share the posts in other social media sites and food galleries.
Recently I joined and started to share posts with food galleries and some social sites. Most of the food galleries such as KitchenArtistry, Finding Vegan, Foodepix ,Dishfolio sent blog traffic on my way. Comparatively I received the highest traffic from Recipe Newz, it is sad now this site is closed.
Fridgg.com is a site I found recently to share my food photos and found it is a very interesting site with many features.
From all the social media sharing, Pinterest sent me the highest amount of traffic.
5.    Publish different types of posts which attract traffic from different interests.

Sometimes I feel bored with posting Sri Lankan recipes everyday. So I tried to change the subject but still within the niche of the blog. That really worked. For example, the post ‘How to clean a stainless steel kitchen sink’ attracted more traffic and that post was pinned by many readers. Other than that posts like ‘how to make Ginger Garlic paste at home’ received more views than some of recipe posts.

Above are my proven tips to increase the blog traffic and engagement. Thought this might be helpful for some of you if concern about blog growth than just posting. However I didn’t spend much time for all this. Most of the days I only spent 2 hours for the blog.(except cooking time and taking photographs )
Hope you enjoyed this post. I really love to hear your ideas and comments. Please share them.