How to create a Media Kit for your Blog and a Sample Media Kit

If you are a PR friendly blogger, then a media kit is a must. Whenever a company or a PR agent contact, they will ask for statistics or some other data related with the blog. It is always possible to type and send back. But, it is not professional and on the other way, it is time consuming to type details for each email. Finally, don’t forget that a Media kit represents you and it is your brand!

At early days of blogging, I wanted to have a media kit for my blog. Then I searched a lot and collected a lot of tips, templates and finally came up with my own media kit. I followed the tips which said to include about me, my previous work samples, statictics, brands I worked with etc etc and finally it was a huge book! I spent a lot of time to prepare it. Finally I understood that I wasted my time and didn’t want to waste any company representative’s time to read it.
Finally, I am with my own idea and a simple media kit of few pages.
Here are few things to note before making your own media kit.
Make it short
Most of the cases, company knows you and your blog. They have shortlisted or pre-selected you when they reach you via email. Therefore, it is no need to write a lot about you and your blog in media kit. Make it short and simple.
Make it interested to read
These people are busy. So, they only want the specific details of the blog such as statistics and followers etc. Therefore write it short in a simple format highlighting the most important data.
Make it neat and organized
Make it easy to read. Avoid lot of letters, graphics, and images. Write the key points related to the blog. Keep much white space than filling it with lot of graphic images and colours.
Highlight the key information
Basically what brands are looking for is your statistics and social media impact. So, write those in a point form where easy to find.
Update it regularly
I know you are busy. But keep it a habit to update the media kit at least once a month. The followers are growing and blog traffic increases in any successful blog. So, why don’t you show your latest data for the companies?
Use some images where necessary
Images are good as illustrators than 1000 words. Though lots of images make it messy, I use simple screen shots to prove my data.
Convert it to PDF
Don’t forget to use PDF format whenever you send it to another. You may laugh at me saying, hey, this is something I already know! Yes, I know that. But you may forget! I just reminded! 🙂
I usually use for document converting and it is easy to use and free!
Do you like to see my media kit? 
Anyway, I prepared it in 2 parts. The reason is, most of the time when a brand reaches me; they already know most of the details about my blog by reading some blog posts. They only need to know the blog statstics. In such cases, I only use the part 1 of my media kit which I only share the blog information and statistics.
But, I still have a part 2 where sometimes I have to tell others what I offer and what are the guide lines and policies. In such events I attach both in my email.
There are times I directly contact companies for sponsorships. According to the requirement, I attach both or use the necessary part of the media kit.
This is how I use my media kit. I think it is up to you depending on the marketing strategies you use.
Hope my few tips are helpful for you. Check samples of my Media Kits below.
Also, let me know if you have some more tips or ideas than I shared.