Love your Food-Don’t waste it ‘ is my first Blog Event.I didn’t expect this much participation as it is my first time.Also I did not have much followers at the time I announced it.However I am very happy with all these entries & support by you all.

Before the roundup,please accept this token of appreciation.Please display it in your blog.

Here are the entries I recieved.There is no any order.

Szechwan Noodles from Krithi’s Kitchen.

Below are the entries from Sobha of Good Food

Apple Jam is a good way of using some leftover apples

Here is a Vegetable Fried Rice recipe from Sobha

Simple Stir-Fried Rice using Leftover Rice recipe is from Aarthi

Below are the entries from Ridwan’s Kitchen

Green Papaya Pineapple cup cakes

Baked Yellow Rice

Hard boiled egg meat loaf

Whole Wheat Orange Loaf  from Square Meals( Gomathi & Aparna),a good way to use leftover oranges.

Here is Banana Custard Pie from Square Meals( Gomathi & Aparna).

AnzzCafe sent us this Chellamani Snack recipe as a method of using leftover idlli batter

Deeksha from Dee’s Kitchen sent Gobhi Parantha as a method of using leftover Gobhi Subji

Banana cashew Cake is from Julie of Erivum Puliyum.It is a good recipe to use leftover banana.

Banana Oats Bar -Another healthy entry from Julie of Erivum Puliyum

Rudra of Mom’s Corner sent this Cheezy Onion Hot & Roll. Another great recipe.

Vardhini of Zesty Palette sent this tip of Preserving Curry Leaves.A great idea.

Entries from Santi’s Kitchen,She has shared many leftover recipes in her facebook page.Below are four entries from her.

Bird Nest (Fritters) is a good idea to use leftover Noodles with some other vegetables.

Fried Rice Ommlette-

Whisk eggs add small amount of water, sea salt, pepper, and transfer non stick pan, add slice tomato,
then I top it with left over rice.    the method of cooking the egg is similar to Crepe. 

Pan cake with leftover batter from Santi’s kitchen.
Step by step recipe is given in the picture below.

Here is the recipe:
Cottage Cheese multigrain pancake,
 recipe -2 cup multigrain wheat flour, 1 cup soy milk, 2 eggs, 3tbs canola oil, 3/4 cup cottage cheese, dust of salt, 1tbs vanilla extract, hand mix together serve with fruits or your choice, LEFT OVER BATTER pour on ramekin with fruits and baked 375 F 30 mins or until set

Using leftover Salmon

Recipe – saute onion, garlic, tomato simmer add dice potato, transfer bowl add raisin, bread crumbs, add cold salmon, whisk egg seasoned to taste (be sure the mixture is completely at room temp before adding the egg. take non stick pan small qty of oil both side golden brown, serve with vegetable salad or rice

Bread Upma is  from Sumee’s Culinary Bites is a good recipe to use leftover bread.

Cream of Vegetable Soup -from Chef Duminda,An easy way to use leftover vegetables as ingredients

The top contributor for this event is Leftoverrecipes.Please check her blog for many leftover food ideas.

Here are some of the recipes shared to my blog event.Some recipes don’t have a photo.Therefore check her blog for the detailed recipe.

Main dish:

Leftover pasta: 
Pasta Casserole-method to use mushroom

Use up tomatoes

Leftover BBQ meat:

Side Dish:
Leftover potatoes:


Leftover coleslaw/cabbage:

Using up tomatoes, cucumbers, and red bell peppers:


Using up fruit:
Kiwi – pineapple jam


Here are some entries from me. 🙂

Seafood Fried rice -to use leftover rice

Vegetarian Burger Bun to use leftover potato

Tofu,Brinjal & Lettuce salad -to use leftover Tofu & Brinjal as ingredients

I want to thank you all for participating with my first blog event.I am really happy with all of your support & hope your support in future events too.

I tried my best to compile all the recipes into this round up & to ebook.BUT if I have missed any or if I have linked wrongly,please let me know.I will correct as soon as possible.

As I told,I compiled all the recipes into an ebook.

Click below link to download it.Please share with your friends or in your blog with others.This will spread the word of ‘Dont’t waste food’.

If any of you are interested in guest hosting this event monthly with a named leftover ingredient,kindly let me know.
Have a nice weekend!!!