Have you ever experienced even small injury in the kitchen when you work with a sharp knife? If you say, ‘No’ it is quite strange. Because, most of us face these type of small or even worst injuries in the kitchen while working with sharp knives.

It is same for me even in my Sri Lankan kitchen. Usually we slice most of the vegetables. Especially when we cook green leaves, one of the secret for a delicious green dish is thinly sliced greens. Not only the main ingredients, even onions, green chilly or whatever most ingredients are sliced thinly to get the most taste out of the dish. Then the chances are more for injuries if the knife is so sharp.

Recently I found a solution. Actually I received some samples of NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves and this post is about my experience with these gloves.


No Crying in the Kitchen with NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Before going further to share my actual experience and review, I’d like to share some detail this product.

  • NoCry cut resistant gloves are made of food safe ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber, and Spandex which gives you cut protection rating of EN388 Level 5.Therefore NoCry cut resistant gloves reduce the serious injuries in the kitchen or elsewhere when you use it with sharp objects.

  • With NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves you will be able to Work faster because you don’t have to worry much as there is a second skin.

  • These NoCry cut resistant gloves are ideally matched to kitchen work and also these gloves are 100% safe to use with food. Why it is safe to use with food? It is because of the non-toxic materials used to make these gloves.

  • Not only for the kitchen, these gloves are also good for woodcarving, construction or, even for car repair. These are good for any hard work which you want to protect your hands from injuries.


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Review

Now, here comes my review. Actually at first, I was thinking of the feeling of the gloves on my hands. Most of the times I don’t use gloves when I work in the kitchen. Specially, when I prepare food for cooking. So, I had different thoughts about using gloves, but after using these NoCry cut resistant gloves, here are my thoughts.

Using these gloves is really comfortable in the kitchen. I mean these gloves are comfortable in my hands and I didn’t feel any difficulty or uneasiness for cutting, chopping etc.

I still could manage my speed of working in the kitchen. For me this is important as I spend less time in the kitchen for cooking purpose. I’d like to cut, slice, chop fast and finish the food preparation. With these gloves on my hand, I didn’t feel any uneasiness, so I could complete my food preparation fast and with secure feeling.


Is it cut resistant? Yes, the team at NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves says it is cut resistant. And even these gloves have won certificates for its cut resistant ability. So, how did I check this? Sure, I didn’t put myself in risk by cutting my hands with a sharp knife with gloves on. However, I tried cutting the gloves using a knife give some pressure on it (without wearing the gloves).The material is very thick for this purpose and even with some pressure, I couldn’t damage these gloves. So, now I know these are cut resistant too.

These gloves are helpful for any kitchen task with secure feeling. Check NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade. Sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Have a look into their products for more details and purchasing. Having a pair of these gloves may reduce your minor injuries at kitchen or even at home.

Below is my video review.See how I used these gloves in my kitchen. 🙂