If you like to watch tea when it is brewing, then here is an eye pleasing tea for you. Grown in Fujian, Chnia and handmade of Silver Needle Green Tea, Lily and Osmanthus Flower, this blooming tea gives you the complete pleasure of tasting tea. 

This Osmanthus Dancing Blooming tea from Teavivre is a round shaped tea and in a shape of a mushroom before brewing. Can you see the photo of it before brewing? It is like a ball before brewing.

Keep in mind to select a glass pot to brew this tea and enjoy its petals opening into a shape of a flower.

If you are not sure, here is how to brew a Blooming Tea.

Place a bundle of Blooming/Flower Tea ball in a glass teapot or a drinking glass. Use a clear glass pot to watch it blooming.
Carefully add hot water on it. Pour the water slowly and avoid adding water directly on the tea ball for extra care.
Then brew for 2 to 3 minutes.
Also this blooming tea can be infused 2 or 3 times.

It is really interesting to read about facts of this blooming tea and its benefits.

Read more on health benefits of this Osmanthus dancing blooming tea.

After reading info and lot of details about blooming tea, I started brewing it. I used a clear glass but seems it is better to use a tea pot with much space to bloom the flower. I feel like the glass I used doesn’t give much space.

Honestly, it took around 20-25 minutes to open the flower completely. But before the flower opened and fully brewed, I could see the nice brownish  colour of tea.

The taste was good. Smooth and mild on my mouth. It gave some good aroma and specially I like the experience of watching how this tea ball opened up until I see a small flower inside.
Above is a photo of tea once fully bloomed. Can you see the reddish flower? My photo is not very clear. This time I forgot to focus on photographs and instead I enjoyed and watched how this tea was blooming.

Check Teavivre for more details about this tea.