For this recipe, you can use any type of leaves. But I used spinach, because we do not like it’s taste when we eat spinach only. This is a trick to eat spinach avoiding it’s taste. Anyway spinach is full of nutrients especially iron. We cannot forget that fact too.
This recipe is very easy to make & good as a quick appetizer. I had a left over paratha from previous dinner, and I tried not to waste it.

Ingredients (this makes 1 paratha roll)
1 potato boiled
a piece of carrot (boiled)
2-3 stems of spinach
1 cooked paratha or a chapathi (Paratha recipe can be found here)
1 onion sliced
1 green chilly sliced
1 tsp chilly powder
1-2 tbspn oil
Salt & pepper to taste
Few tooth picks
Wash & clean spinach.And again wash with salt water.
Keep aside to drain water.
Heat oil in a pan & add spinach.Just tender it & off from the flame.
Mash potato & carrot. Mix chilli powder & salt & pepper with it.
Heat the oil in a pan & when the oil is hot, add onion & green chili
When they are tender add the mashed potato mix & mix well.
Now the filling is ready.
Now keep the paratha on a plate.
Keep the spinach stems on it as shown.

Then add few spoons of the filling on paratha.

Roll & Wrap it.
Paratha roll is ready.

Now cut it into small rolls & serve with some tomato ketchup or with any sauce.