I was doing some studies for the past year & we had final exams during last week. After the exam, all the classmates were supposed to meet for a class gathering. Though we have ordered food, I just wanted to share something with the classmates & this was a quick idea came to me to participate with the gathering. This was a great idea as I could prepare all snack bags on the day before the party. I never expected, but this was a hit among my friends. Everybody loved these cute snack bags.
Ingredients & Supplies needed
-Nuts & seeds (different flavours of nuts, cashew, peanuts, almond, roasted chickpeas, Pumpkin seeds   etc etc)
-Snack size bags
Put all different types of nuts in different bowls.
Fill in small quantity of different types of nuts & seeds into snack bags.
Tie the bag tightly using a ribbon or a string.
Keep all the bags in an air tight container until use.
These nut mixes are so cute to give as a gift for friends.

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