With 2015 only days away, many of us have probably started making promises to ourselves, and one of those promises would certainly be eating healthier food. Success in this endeavour requires you to deliberately choose to eat more vegetables and fish than pork and beef, but this can be a challenge, especially with the availability of so many fast food chains in many neighbourhoods around the world. One way to overcome this hurdle is by setting up the kitchen for healthy eating. To do that, follow the steps below.
1.Keep spices and fresh herbs on hand.
Herbs and spices allow healthy food to be more flavourful and savoury, helping you cut down on not-so-healthy food additions like butter and salt. One great way to keep herbs and spices fresh is by growing them yourself in the kitchen. If going for this option, however, make sure that you know how to raise them properly. Also, add more windows on your kitchen to allow more sunlight and fresh air to enter. Otherwise, you can just keep fresh herbs and spices in airtight jars and place them next to your stove.
2. Enjoy taking “still life” pictures with your greens and fruits as your subjects.
This may be a silly tip, but it definitely works to inspire you to ensure that the kitchen is stocked with fruits and vegetables at all times.
To take photos of your greens, get a bowl (a large platter or cake stand works as well) that you do not use anymore, arrange the fruits and vegetables there, and start shooting. Although a DSLR camera works best, as it captures all the fruits’ and vegetables’ features, a point-and-click camera will do if you have one within reach.
3. Play your favourite songs while cooking.
Have speakers, a radio, or a docking station set up somewhere in the kitchen and listen to today’s hottest music or your favourite songs while cooking. Just make sure to place your radio or speakers away from kitchen electronics (microwave ovens, blenders, etc.) and taps to prevent chaos from happening.
This makes the kitchen conducive to eating healthy as distractions, like music and podcasts, help you get a lot of things done in a set amount of time. Keep in mind that truly healthy food takes so much time to prepare. Who knows, you will have cooked food good for several days…in just two hours!
4. Add more electronic gadgets in the kitchen.
Are you someone who loves cooking shows? Add a television set to the kitchen! Want to be updated with the latest recipes, friends’ posts, and news before everyone else? Get your tablet and put it on a stand.
5. Organize the pantry.
Keep healthy foods front and centre and make any low-calorie snacks very accessible. Still having that chocolate stash from a month ago? Instead of throwing it away, just hide it somewhere in there.
6. Add a tea station to your kitchen. 
Making tea is not just a relaxing activity. Not only that, tea has a lot of health benefits, like detoxification.
7. It also helps that you organize the contents of the refrigerator…
and do it in the same way you did with the pantry. In addition, clean it up and defrost it as often as needed to keep a lot of ice from developing inside.
8. Replace all large plates with smaller ones.
Instead of using large plates, keep them in the storage room and substitute them with smaller plates. This is a mental hack that makes you believe you are eating a lot, when you’re actually not. It works in a similar way to setting your clock several minutes in advance.
But like other mental hacks, your brain might not believe it. Thus, it helps to give it a try first before making it a permanent practice in your household.

9. Ensure that every small appliance is easily accessible to you. 
If you have to dig through a very messy cabinet to find the things you need, there is a high chance that you will not use them at all. Determine which of the small appliances you own have to be used more often and arrange them properly on the counter top, the walls of the kitchen, and the cabinets.
10. Keep sneakers nearby. 

 Cooking requires you to stand a lot, so place the shoe rack, drawer, or closet near the kitchen. Of course, arrange the sneakers in them properly.
Of course, all these things will be in vain if the electronics in the kitchen are not properly set up. So the electrical system in your kitchen is properly set up, let skilled and reliable electricians (like the guys behind this company: http://www.acesydneyelectricians.com.au/domestic-services/) plan and set it up for you.