So, you’ve decided to set up your own raw juice business. It is a smart move on your part as the popularity of fresh juice is only growing with each passing day. Now, it appears that you are looking for ways to package your product in the most efficient manner. Although it might seem easy and simple to run a raw juice business, there are many things for you to consider before entering this profitable market. You must first do your research if you want to craft a product that entices the crowd. Without further ado, here are 4 tips to raw juice packaging.

Tip 1: The importance of keeping things clear and simple

It is not recommended for you to list a dozen of benefits on the product label with no clear brand name. Basically, the consumer must be able to know what your product is for, and the brand that manufactures it, in less than 4 seconds. Hence, you must be clear about the product and the brand.

Tip 2: Choosing the bottles

You must decide if you want to opt for a glass bottle or a plastic bottle to package the juice. You will also need to decide on the shape of the bottle and identify if you prefer it in a round shape or a square shape. It is advisable for you to strike a deal with a local supplier because shipping bottles overseas can be very heavy on the wallet. 8-ounce plastic bottles are usually best for your teas, protein drinks, and raw juices. If you are looking to purchase plastic bottles in bulk, you should take a look at Cupbarn´s 8 ounce PET line. We believe that glass bottles are better than plastic ones; it is simply because glass bottles exude quality. Unfortunately, glass bottles can be an expensive investment. Hence, you must only opt for glass bottles if you have a high-end, expensive product.

Tip 3: The importance of labeling

Your product may be the best in the market, but if it isn’t advertised and marketed well, the consumers will not be able to see its worth. Hence, it is imperative for your product to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye; that´s one of the easiest ways to draw attention. Labelling is necessary because it gives identity to a product and can be expertly used to attract consumers and promote products. Fortunately, there isn’t a dearth of professional printing houses that excel at printing labels for bottles. You must decide on how big you´d want your labels to be, and what information you´d like to include in the labels. It is also equally important for you to get the necessary label requirements from your local health department.

Tip 4: Stay educated

It is also of paramount importance for you to know your local health laws concerning raw juice. The laws may vary according to regions. For instance, in some places in America, you are allowed to sell raw juice directly to the consumers through delivery or retail. However, you might not be given permission to sell the product through wholesale to third parties. In Japan, it is compulsory for you to make raw juice at the same location you intend to sell it in. However, in countries like China and Australia, the regulations are pretty lenient.