An apple a day-Keeps the doctor away! Is it still valid? Whatever the reason, still apple is a popular fruit among majority of people around the world. On the other way it is a versatile fruit which can be used in different recipes in different way.
How do we use apples in recipes? You can eat apple as raw fruit, can use in a salad, a drink, cake, sauce etc etc a lot more suggestions will come out if you ask the same question from someone.

Here I tried to gather few apple recipes which will give you some idea on how to use apples in delicious recipes.
Chopped Apple Cake Recipe 
This apple cake is a simple recipe which takes few minutes to prepare the ingredients.You will only need to few minutes till it come out from the oven.
Read  the full recipe for Chopped Apple Cake
 Roasted Apple Recipe (Apple Crisp Recipe)

If you look for a healthy snack, why don’t you go for a dish of roasted apple?It is really easy and a quick healthy recipe when you need something to munch!
Here is the full recipe for Roasted Apple

 Apple Tart Recipe
This oh-so delicious apple recipe is a great way to celebrate with your new apple harvest. It is apple picking season. So, why don’t you try a new recipe instead of eating raw?
Here is the full recipe for Apple Tart Recipe

Carrot and Apple Juice

 Are you in a weight loss diet? Then juicing recipes must be in your diet.Try this easy,quick and healthy weight loss juicing recipe with some green apples.You’ll wonder with its taste!

Read the complete recipe for Carrot and Apple Juice


Apple Penguin (An Edible Fruit Centerpiece)
Finally, if you want to be crafty, try something cute.Sometimes ago I made this penguin using an apple and some other fruits. It is easy and a fun way to do some décor with apples.
Here is the full tutorial on how to make a penguin with apples
Now it is your turn?Do you love to eat apples?Do you like apples in a recipe or as a raw fruit?Please share your ideas.