Watermelon Cheese Bites-easy healthy party snack

How about having a healthy fruity snack which gives savory and sweet taste? I love the taste of watermelon together with the taste of cheese. And you know, I always like to try easy recipes which take no much effort! This watermelon Cheese bites are a good treat for both kids and adults , even good as a party snack.

Watermelon Cheese Bites-easy healthy kids snack
To cut watermelon and cheese into nice shapes, I used FunBites-Luv it cutter.
FunBites-Luv it cutter
FunBites-Luv it cutter is a fun & easy way to cut heart shapes in food. If you like square shapes, use FunBites-Cube it cutter. I received both square and heart-shaped cutters from FunBites for review purpose. Check my previous post on FunBites-Cube it, it is helpful in having neat cubes in fruits and other food.
It is really fun to use it. If use cookie cutters or knife to cut sandwich or fruits into small pieces, we have to do it one by one. But using this set, it is easy to slice food into small pieces in one try.
Watermelon Cheese Bites-easy healthy party snack
Check this post to see how to use this cutter.
The set comes with two components. The cutter and the popper top.
Please check more details and purchasing details at www.funbites.com
Below is the recipe of watermelon cheese bites with FunBites-Luv it.
Seedless watermelon
Cheese slices
Tooth picks

Cut watermelon into big slices.Then cut it into small shapes.Here I used FunBites-Luv it to cut water melon and cheese into heart and triangle shapes. It saved my time as I can cut few pieces in one press.
You can use some cookie cutters to cut desired shapes or just cut into small cubes using a knife.
Insert one cube of watermelon, one cheese slice onto a toothpick.
Repeat until all ingredients are used.
Serve and enjoy this finger food!
Watermelon Cheese Bites-easy healthy party snack
Disclosure: I was provided with the products of above by the client.  However all comments, ideas, and opinions are my own true opinions.

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