Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry
I always cook Snake gourd without mixing any other veggie or legume. This time I tried snake gourd with dhal. Actually I saw many Indian recipes which cook snake gourd and dhal together and thought of give it a try.Anyway,I changed the Indian recipe to a Sri Lankan version. I added coconut milk and even spices are as per Sri Lankan cooking. This combination is really good and the curry came out well.

Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry
 Before posting this, I checked for Sri Lankan style snake gourd recipe in my blog. Seems I haven’t shared any Sri Lankan recipe. May be next time I will cook Sri Lankan Snake gourd curry(pathola curry) and share it here. Anyway, I have shared a salad recipe with snake gourd. Try it. It is delicious and healthy too, same as carrot salad.
Here is the recipe for Snake Gourd and Dhal curry.
Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry-Sri Lankan cooking
Snake Gourd   250g
Dhal   1/4 cup
Raw curry powder 1 tspn
 Turmeric Powder    1/4 tsp
½ tspn Fenugreek seeds  
1 inch piece cinnamon
4-5  Green chilies       
1 medium sized Onion   (sliced)
 Salt   to taste
1 cup thin coconut milk
½ cup thick coconut milk
To Temper
  2 tbspn cooking  Oil    
  ½ tspn  Mustard seeds        
  2-3  Dry Red chilies
  1 sprig Curry leaves
  Sliced onion(1/2 of a medium sized onion)  
Wash dhal and add all the spices into it.(raw curry powder,turmeric,fenugreek seeds, cinnamon)
Add sliced green chili, half of the sliced onion, thin coconut milk and cook in a low flame.
Once dhal is cooked halfway, add sliced snake gourd.
Cook till both are cooked well, remember not to overcook till snake gourd is mashy!
Then add thick coconut milk & salt. Adjust salt as per taste. Let it simmer in a low flame.
Meantime, in another pan prepare the tempering. Heat oil and add mustard seeds followed by onion, red chili and curry leaves. When onion is brownish, add this to the snake gourd and dhal curry. Mix well.
Remove from the burner & serve with plain rice or roti.
Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry