Breastfeeding is one of the most precious experiences which any women get during the life time. I am so fortunate to breastfeed my baby exclusively 6 months and now he is in introduction phase to solid foods. Sometimes, nursing the baby is hard and tiresome with the other workload at home. Most of the days, I forget myself. Though balanced and timed meal is important, I always had late meals. However, I consume plenty of milk together with some special formula to get all the required nutrients and liquid intake easily.

Recently I received some samples of a herbal nursing tea. It is an organic tea from Neuner’s.

Neuner’s Organic Nursing Tea is a special blend which supports breastfeeding mothers. It includes fennel and fenugreek seeds which claim as powerful herbs to improve the milk production. The other ingredients are aniseed, verbena and caraway. Caraway and aniseed are to add a sweet flavor to the tea while verbena is to sooth the blend.

I like this tea because, more importantly this tea is a herbal tea which includes known herbal ingredients. We Sri Lankans consume fenugreek seeds to boost the milk flow. Even my mother prepared sprouted fenugreek seeds and included those in salads during my confinement period.

Other than herbs, it is a caffeine & sugar free tea. Further, it is organic and claims that it is produced with herbs grown without chemical fertilizer or agricultural pesticides.


Aniseed,Fennel,Verbena,Caraway and (11%) fenugreek seeds

How to prepare:

Use 1 sachet for 1 cup of tea (150-200ml)

Pour boiling water over a tea bag in a cup and leave for 7-10 minutes. Stir occasionally.

How I prepared:

I used 1 sachet over boiling water to prepare a cup of this nursing tea. After that I didn’t throw the tea bag. I added more water to the cup again and enjoyed the 2nd steep too.

My review & opinion:

First I like this tea because it is herbal, organic, caffeine free and sugar free. The pack includes 20 sachets. Once I opened the sachets, I expected a tea bag with strong aroma as the tea includes some herbal/spices. But it was not. Once brewed, it gave a mild sweet taste. Not a very strong spicy flavor. So, I like that taste and is good as a liquid intake during the day.

Actually I always had enough milk supply for the baby. But with this nursing tea, I noticed my milk supply has increased. I was very comfortable in the evening than before. So, I am in love with this nursing tea and will buy a box once the samples are over.

One interesting thing is that the box contains 20 individual sachets. Not individual tea bags. So, I am able to carry few sachets with me while go out. That makes it easier to consume some nursing tea even while away from home.

If you are a breast feeding mum, this is a good herbal tea with no artificial colours or flavourings.

There are few options to purchase this tea.

In Singapore- visit StarHealth Pte Ltd to purchase this nursing tea.

Visit for more information of this tea together with other products.

Buy from Amazon-Neuners Organic Nursing Tea – Herbal Blend for Breastfeeding Mums – 20 bags per box (PACK of 3)