Fried Rice and Nasi Goreng at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka

Situated in Colombo, Baththaramulla, facing Diyawanna oya, ‘Boardwalk’ is an ideal place for a meal while having a chat. It is a calm and restful place. You will enjoy a nice view of Diyawanna oya and will totally forget the taste of food. In my thought, the place is that much beautiful and relaxing.In my next Sri Lanka holidays,this place will be in my must visit places list.
Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
View of Diyawanna oya,Boardwalk,Sri Lanka
Boardwalk is a restaurant of Waters Edge and near to the main road. There is ample parking space and there is a plant sale too.The place is also called Diyatha Uyana.

Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Surrounding of Boardwalk,Sri Lanka
Few months ago I spent a holiday in Sri Lanka. It was around 2 months and could spend lot of quality time with family and friends. Surprisingly I had an opportunity to meet my school friends and it was a remarkable day. We met after a long time. If I am not wrong, that was after more than 15 years. Can you imagine how  we were happy? We met at the Boardwalk and that’s why I told with the beautiful surrounding, you will totally forget the food!
Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Boardwalk Restaurant,Waters Edge,Sri Lanka

Although we met for lunch, this place seems to be great for a dinner or an evening snack while watching sunset.However,I heard the place is bit more crowded during night time.Therefore I am not very sure whether you’ll be able to have a calm relaxing dining experience or not.

We ordered few of our favourites including drinks. However, I couldn’t take photos of drinks.
I am totally satisfied with the taste and quality of the food served. I didn’t hear any complain from my friends either! We received our food within reasonable time after ordering and the staff was attentive. As it was day time, the place was not crowded. 
Fried Rice at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Fried Rice in Sri Lanka

I preferred vegetarian fried rice with chili paste. Fried rice we eat In Sri Lanka is totally different from the fried rice we eat in Singapore. Although both have its routes to Chinese cuisine, they are of totally different taste and appearance. In Sri  Lanka, this so called Chinese Fried rice is white in appearance. Always it is served with chili paste. 

Fried Rice at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Chinese Fried Rice with Chili Paste

I totally liked the taste and appearance. Fried rice was simply garnished but was appealing. Although I am not fortunate to taste food frequently in Sri Lanka, this fried rice could wake up my taste buds.
Deviled fish at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Deviled Fish

With fried rice, we ordered Deviled fish. Yes, it is deviled and hot! Most of the time we can find Chinese fried rice and deviled chicken together with chili paste served in Sri Lanka. Instead of deviled chicken, this time I could taste deviled fish. This dish was saucy and could taste the fresh black pepper. I am a fan of black pepper taste (freshly coarse black pepper). So, that is a reason for me to love this devilled fish platter.

Nasi Goreng at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng was another rice dish we ordered. It was worth for its price. Nasi goring was served with egg, chicken kebabs, a fresh salad, chili paste and also a papad.(papadam).It was a complete dish and our talking was that it was really worth the money.
Nasi Goreng at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Nasi Goreng at Boardwalk
One of my friends ordered fish and chips. The platter seems to be enough for a person. 
Food at Boardwalk-Waters Edge,Colombo Sri Lanka
Fish and Chips at Boardwalk
As mentioned in Waters Edge website
Operating Hours: 4pm – 12 midnight everyday 
Closed on Poya Days, May Day & in April during the Sinhala & Tamil New Year.

However, we had this meal on a Saturday and as lunch. As I remember, it was not an early lunch.

I actually like this place and will definitely visit again in my next Sri Lankan Holiday.
Did you enjoy this post?And specially the food which you can find in Sri Lanka? If so,please share your thoughts. 🙂 I love to read your comments.