Drop flowers are always easy to make & good for beginners like me.I used a star tip to make drop flowers. Made them on a parchment paper.They can be  used  later (after 24 hours) to decorate cakes or cupcakes. They can be used directly on top of cakes, cupcakes too.
I just made these drop flowers to practice with royal icing. After making the flower, I used a white drop of icing in middle of it.Below is a picture of flowers just after making.
Now I have these flowers,but couldnt find time for making some  cupcakes yet. πŸ™‚

Recipe for Royal Icing

Here is the recipe for royal icing in a small quantity.


1 egg white (at room temperature)
1 ΒΌ cup powdered sugar-sifted
Β½ tsp lemon juice
Using a mixer, mix all ingredients in low speed. However for a small quantitiy,I found use of a whisk is easier. Add a bit more powdered sugar to achieve desired texture if needed.
Add food colouring.
Make sure to cover the icing with a damp cloth when it is not using.

I reffered these posts before making flowers.They have explained it well. How to make Royal Icing Flowers , Tutorial on Royal Icing flowers

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