Cakes, cup cakes or cookies are considered as desserts but nowadays they are not only desserts but a way of expressing a theme or simply they  have become a piece of art. Even nowadays they play a major role in most of the ceremonial events.
How if we can decorate a piece of art for any occasion? Nowadays it is easier to buy a decorated cake, cupcakes or cookies. But the happiness we gain by making it ourselves is different.
Keeping this in mind, I have started to learn decorating with icing/frosting. But I always like to share my work with others, love to see their comments, the same way I like to see how others do creative things. We can learn faster by exchanging ideas or working as a group.
I had this idea of having an event but was not sure how will be the reaction from my blogging friends. Few days ago I posted my beginner cake, but with the comments I received, I was encouraged to continue with my new event.
Simply this event is to self learning on how to decorate with icing/frosting.
I have planned to learn one type of icing/frosting in each month.
To begin the event, Buttercream icing becomes the first theme.
Here are the simple procedures of the event.
1) Event Duration – December 1st to December 31st 2011
2) Theme for this month – Buttercream Icing
3) I will provide linky tool from December 1st to 31st.
4) Simply link any number of your decorated cakes or cupcakes using ‘Buttercream icing/frosting’
5) Any new or old posts are accepted. No need to repost them. But I am eagerly waiting to see all your old posts here until you prepare a new decoration/item
6) Using of event badge & a back link to this post is appreciated wherever possible.
7) Here most of us are beginners, therefore be generous to visit others & encourage them with true nice comments.
8) At the end of the month I will be selecting the most viewed posts as ‘Most Popular Cake/Cupcake’.
9) Contact me via  if you have any problem to link, once the linky tool is provided.
10)All the posts will be displayed in my Facebook page with back links to your blog post.

I have linked few videos/tutorials as a basic guide for those who are really new. & I am planning to update it time to time with new tutorials if I found. Please check it  here.

Hope this would be a great event with all your support!!
Remember to check this post  from December 1st to link your entries.
Here is my other blog Food Blog Events,Check this blog for events from other blogs & link any event which you host.
 Have a nice day!!