Fresh Fruit Kebabs are simple to prepare and it is a great idea for a party. Fruit Kebabs are so colourful & a stunning display for the party table. I prepared these fruit Kebabs for a gathering with friends & it was a hit among friends. Mostly people like to enjoy fruit in a skewer than fruit in a platter. Also Fruit Kebabs are good as a healthy dessert with more nutritional value. Any colourful & fresh Fruit can be used to prepare these Fruit Sticks.

Ingredients (40 servings)
40 wooden skewers
20 strawberries (sliced into half)
40 watermelon pieces (bite sized)
40 kiwi pieces (bite sized)
40 red grapes
40 green grapes
Mango, pineapple, blueberries & honeydew melon are some other fruits which can be used in skewers.
Freeze fruits for about 1 hour.
Then put the fruit slices on each skewer in a colourful pattern
 Arrange skewers on a platter and serve.
If this is for a party, it is better to prepare about 1 hr before to keep the freshness.
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