In Sri Lanka, we have popular appetizers or snacks which commonly call as ‘short eats’. I am not very sure they were prepared at home as it is very easy to buy.

Anyway this vegetable roti is a popular Short eat in Sri Lanka & they were prepared using Godamba roti.(Paratha).
If you are not sure how to cook Godamba roti – Check here on how to make paratha/godamba roti
or check this Roti Canai recipe with step by step pictures which is similar to Godamba roti.

As I have frozen paratha, this is a easy snack at my home most of the time.

Here is the recipe:
Ingredients (For 5 Vegetable roti)

5 uncooked Godamba roti / (paratha)
1 boiled potato-mashed
A handful of sliced spring onion or leeks (I used spring onion)
Sliced mixed vegetables of your choice (Carrot, cabbage etc)
Few curry leaves sliced
Onion sliced
1 tsp Chili powder
Salt & pepper to taste
1-2 tbs oil

To prepare the filling,
Heat oil in a pan, once oil is hot; add mashed potato together with other vegetables. Mix & add chili powder, salt & pepper to taste.
Cook the mix well & switch off from the flame.

Take one paratha, scoop a portion of the mixture on it.(Check here on how to make paratha/godamba roti) 

However I used store bought ‘Frozen Paratha’,let it thaw before  wrapping, if you use frozen paratha.

Wrap it as shown below into square shape.

 Heat a flat pan & cook wrapped vegetable roti, turning both sides & also sides.

Serve hot. It is tasty alone or with some tomato sauce.