Prawns Wrapped in Ham Slices

These Prawns wrapped in ham slices were a great hit and vanished fast. Prawns are one of our favourites and I used to cook different recipes using prawns. When it comes to a gathering, this is an easy dish to prepare as an appetizer.

Here is my recipe of Ham wrapped  prawns.
Ingredients (for 12 nos)
Prawns 12 nos
Ham slices 12 nos
BBQ sauce
Black pepper sauce
Few tooth picks
Pre heat oven to 425F
Clean prawns properly.
I microwaved Ham slices for 1 minute before using.
Then wrap the prawns using ham slices & inserted a toothpick to keep it wrapped.
Then I brushed some Black pepper sauce & BBQ sauce together over them.
Baked in aluminum foil lined baking pan for about 15 minutes.
Serve hot. It was a really tasty finger food.

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