Originating in China, Green tea has been widely used throughout Asia for its benefits and as a medicine. Unlike black tea, green tea is produced avoiding the fermentation process. The result of this process is that Green tea is with maximum antioxidants and poly-phenols than Black tea. The benefits of Green tea include; weight loss, reduce risk of cancers, reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and many more.

Having all benefits of Green tea in mind, I decided to try another green tea provided by Teavivre and it is Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng Green Tea.

As mentioned by Teavivre, this Tea is one of the ten famous Chinese teas. This Green Tea origin in organic tea base of Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an, Hangzhou ,which is a well-known base for planting organic dragon well and green tea.

When I opened the sample pack, the first thing I noticed is the shape of tea leaves.

The leaves of this green tea are,
-thin sharp leaves
-they had a good aroma
-they were soft in my hand.

I brewed some tea leaves as per the instructions given in the tea sample. Once brewed, the tea leaves were opened up. As always, I was excited by seen how large these tea leaves are.

Teavivre Tea Review

Once brewed, it was mild and smooth in my mouth. The appearance was not too dark. It gave some pale yellowish green colour.
I did not add any sweetener to the tea and this green tea is fine without any sweetener.

If you love to drink Green tea as a habit or due to its benefits for the life,it is easier to buy good quality Green tea online.

 Check Teavivre website for more information about this Green tea