How to Cut Heart Shaped Carrots

Food Garnishing is a really interesting and pleasing way to present any food.Anyway most garnishing and carving need some skills,but there are easy ideas too.I always like simple ideas to garnish food and this carrot hearts are another easy idea to do with carrots.I love these heart shaped carrots,this is really easy and perfect for Valentine’s Day food garnishing.Because it is so simple,I use these hearty carrots to garnish my food on Valentine’s Day!A simple way to celebrate the meal.

My next recipe on Food Corner will be one which I used these carrot hearts as a garnishing idea,or try this Chop Suey recipe with heart shaped carrots instead of flower shaped carrots.

Here is how to cut hearts from carrots.(a really easy food garnish idea)

Wash &peel the skin of a carrot.

Using V-cutter or a knife,remove a wedge on one side of the carrot as shown.A knife is simply enough.Anyway,I used a V-cutter & it was really easy.
(If you like to have garnish tool set,check this UV 6 piece Fruit and Vegetable Carving Set)

Then using a knife,remove sides of the carrot as shown in below photo.

How to Cut Heart Shaped Carrots

Using the same knife,just shape the edges into more rounded shape.

Now slice the carrot into heart shapes.Use them to garnish a plate or in a bento box,salad or even in  a soup.

How to Cut Heart Shaped Carrots

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Use this heart shaped carrots to your meal if you are busy and unable to prepare a special Valentine’s Day meal!! 🙂

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