Another month has passed & we had another monthly contest. I am delighted to announce the winners of Food Corner – Food of the Month Contest!!
Remember, our contest was in few steps. We had few weekly contests & all weekly winners were in final contest. So I can say the final contest is among the winners. We had 31 photos submitted to our weekly contests, and these final winners are out of 31 pictures submitted.

Here is our winner for the month of September!!!

The Food of the Month-September winner is .Everyday Mom’s Meals
This is her submission of Stuffed shells 
Congratulations Everyday Mom’s Meals!!!
And it is a surprise, that the difference between the 1st & 2nd place is one vote.

Our 2nd place winner is  Sadaf’s Culinary Adventures

Congratulations Sadaf’s Culinary Adventures!!

This is the winner picture.Check the recipe here

3rd place winner is Sumptuous Spoonfuls

Here is Roasted Egg plant & Tomato ‘Button’ Pizza by Sumptuous Spoonfuls

Our 4th place goes to Mia’s domain.

Congratulations Mia’s Domain !!!

This is her submission of   Cinnamon Apple Donut holes

And this is our 5th place winner….

Yes it goes to Everyday Mom’s Meals!!!

Here is the Peanut butter pie by Everyday Mom’s Meals

Congratulations & Please grab your awards.
And please note that all the winners will be included in my Monthly News Letter. Therefore I would like to invite you all to join with it.
Simply fill the ‘Contact us’ form in my Face Book Page wall or send me an Email to with the subject ‘subscribe’.

I will not send so many emails & the newsletter is going to be once a month only.

This is the new event I started.

Appreciate your participation too.

Thanks dear friends for the participation. I am really happy with your participation & interaction with Food Corner.
From the next Month, I am going to have this contest as a monthly contest & will be held during the last week of the month. So I hope to see you all in next month contest too.
Happy cooking!!

Have a nice weekend!!