Mango with Honey and Yogurt

This is a really easy & simple dessert and reminds me Sri Lankan curd & treacle. In Sri Lanka, Curd with Treacle is a signature dessert which most people love to eat. The Southern part of Sri Lanka is more popular to produce high quality curd. If you travel Sri Lanka, don’t forget to try Sri Lankan Curd & Treacle! 

Here in Singapore, natural yogurt with honey is the best alternative for curd and treacle. In this recipe, I tried some mango cubes with yogurt and honey. It is fantastic!
Here is my simple yogurt, Honey and Mango dessert recipe. It is perfect when there is a sweet tooth!
Easy Mango Dessert
1 cup of plain yogurt or curd
Honey as per taste
1 ripe mango sliced into cubes
In a serving dish, add a layer of honey.
Then add a yogurt layer.
Top with Mango cubes.
Add some more honey on top of Mango if required more sweet taste.
Serve & enjoy!
Easy Dessert

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