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Star Wars Rebels Party supplies at Birthday Express

 Are you planning a birthday party for your kid? If so, I am sure you are looking for lot of party themes to select one for your party. or maybe you have decided a theme and visited here to get some more ideas. It is no secret that there are thousands of ways to celebrate kids’ birthdays .Few months ago we celebrated our son’s first birthday and as a new parent it was like we were welcomed to a whole new world!

Many young kids always interested in the latest and most popular new cartoon or the latest gadget or movie that they watched! If you are planning to throw a birthday party for your kid, then it is always nice to select a theme with his interests.

Star Wars Rebels is the newest star war cartoon and here I thought of sharing few ideas on how to throw a Birthday party with Star war rebels theme.

Basically you will need to organize few items for the themed party.Here are few ideas.
I try to give few ideas on,

  • Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations
  • Tableware and decorations
  • Party favour ideas
  • Party food ideas

Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Remember to plan your party at least 2 weeks ahead. Once you create your plan and the list of guests, it is time to invite. It is nice if you use a Star wars rebels  themed invitation, so your party will get a good start as all guests will aware of the theme before they come. Check this post to get some idea on how we prepared our first birthday party invitation.

Tableware and decorations


Red and Blue is always selected for Star war rebels theme. Arrange your tableware and decorations featuring these colours.You can simply check Star Wars Party Supplies  to get some ideas. 
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Party favour ideas

Simply you can buy small gifts which feature star wars. Even you can prepare party favours at home. DIY party favours are always best and it is easy to match the favours for the theme. Here is an idea. Simply buy some plastic cups which have star war rebels print on it. Then fill it with some candy. Remember to buy candy featuring red and blue. Fill plastic cups with these candies and cover it. Your DIY party favours are ready in few minutes.


Party food ideas


Cookie cutters can play an important role when preparing cute party foods. Use star shaped cutters and create some star shaped sandwiches for kids. I am sure they will like it.

Also use some red and blue fruits, sweets, decorated cookies as party foods. It is easy to buy the sweets for the party. Main idea is, try to highlight the theme whenever you can.

Fresh Fruits in a Stick

Young kids always love to eat fresh fruits on a stick. Cut some fresh fruits into bite size pieces and insert on wooden skewers. These fresh fruit sticks will be a hit among the guests. To feature the theme colours, use fruits such as watermelon, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.


This is a great and easy idea as a party food.Try to use red and colourful vegetables such as tomatoes and carrot.You can also use plastic cups which feature star wars characters.

This is another simple party food idea which you can use for a Star War Rebels party. Watermelon is perfect to feature red, use star shaped cookie cutters and cut watermelon into star shapes.

For more ideas read the post on throwing a Star War Rebels party