Midweek Fiesta is the newest weekly event from Food Corner.
Why I need a weekly event? Basically I host ‘Food of the Month’ & I started it from my Facebook page. I am blogging since March this year, but I was not active with blogging community. Even I didn’t know some of basic features. But recently I found this blogging community is also interesting same as facebook page.So now I want to have an event in my blog too.
I selected Wednesday as the day because it is mid of the week. Mostly we are busy during the weekends with family. No much time for Blog posts though we do much cooking. Beginning of the week is busy with office matters & some family things. When it comes to Wednesday, yes we have at least one new Blog post.
I had few name suggestions with me, anyway yesterday I asked my hubby to propose a name for a Wednesday event. He just told me ‘Midweek Fiesta’ with a different voice to make me laugh. I didn’t think twice, selected the name.
Ok, I wrote all those because now this Blog has become a part of my life. So I like to write down some of my incidents as a memory for the future.
Here are the simple rules to participate with Midweek Fiesta
1. Simply link one of your favorite recent or some old post using the linky tool.(or more)
2. Link to the original post, not to your blog.
3. Leave a comment after the link, I will visit you.
4. Visit at least one Blog from the list & check/comment their work.
5. Appreciate using of my logo & a link to this post.(Not mandatory)
6. Follow me here or in Facebook page.
7. Link any number of posts.
Next week I will come back with the next edition & also with 3 featured posts.
To be featured, here are the criteria.
1. Ofcourse share best posts which you think they were a hit.
2. Share the Event Logo / Link this post. (Mandatory)
3. Visit & follow at least one Blog or more from the list. Be sure to tell them you are from Midweek Fiesta.
4. Be sure to follow back any of follower you gained from Midweek Fiesta.
Hope this criterion is fair enough to be a featured Blog.
Enjoy this Blog Hop!!
Have a nice week!!