Today when I was checking some archieved posts,I found these carrot flowers posts & thought of reposting them.It is about 1 year I have posted them & I guess re-posting would be great for those who have missed them.

Making carrot flowers are so simple.These flowers can be used for many types simple of food garnishing.

Here is the recipe for Carrot Rice which I garnished using Carrot Flowers.

In this post I have shared ‘how to make carrot flowers’

Check this post for How to make a bunch of Carrot Flowers

Carrot flowers always add colour & attraction to bento boxes.Check this bento for one simple idea….

There are many other Bento posts which I have used carrot to garnish.Check those Bento here for  more cute ideas.

Wow!!I am excited again to prepare some cute bento boxes…..:) Until the next post,Have good time!!