Few days ago I found an organization which they actually have a campaign for raising Funds for Sri Lanka. As a Sri Lankan, I always like to help my country in any way I can contribute. Still I cannot forget that I am a result of my country’s free education. So it is my duty to pay back in every possible way.

Live Your Love  is a fair business who sells pure Ceylon Black Tea. However they have partnered with Smile International & give 25% of Live Your Love’s profits back to the people of Sri Lanka. Through Smile International, that money goes to help people in Sri Lanka.
On the Black Friday, Live Your Love (LYL), launched their campaign to raise funds of $10,000 in 30 days. The money raised will go directly to build a medical clinic in Sri Lanka. 
As per CEO of Smile International, Clive Doubleday,
“The immediate need is for a medical clinic in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Due to a lack of clean water and there only being one tap and one toilet to about 50 houses in the slums, diarrhoea is a big problem with the children.  When you consider that in the world more children die of diarrhoea than HIV, measles, and malaria put together (on average 6 children per minute) this is definitely something which needs to be treated very quickly.  This is what our clinic and nurse will provide.”  
Just imagine few seconds, how these poor children suffer while we try to upgrade our house or vehicle. How if we can bring a smile to their faces during this Christmas season? I think it is a great thing we can do as a human to support another, Specially in this Christmas season where everyone try to reunion and spread the love & compassion.
How you can help:

More importantly, buy their tea. They have a target of selling 7000 boxes of Tea which includes Ceylon Black Tea within the period of November 23rd to December 22nd.It is such a short period of 30 days.
To buy their TeaClick here
As they sell Ceylon Black Tea, I can recommend their Tea without trying samples because Ceylon Black Tea is among the best Tea of the world.
Another way of contributing is by spreading the word same as I do. We can share this until we met a person who likes to buy their Tea. Sometimes word of mouth is more powerful in communication. In this world with full of technology advancement, we can easily share the message by sharing in Facebook, Twitter ,by email or using other social media sites.
I hope you will support to this campaign. Please contribute to this campaign in any of the possible ways you can and bring a smile to these little faces.
Their website : Live Your Love
 Photo Credits to :Live Your Love
I did not receive any products or monetary compensation for posting this. This is truly my idea & I contacted them once I saw their campaign.