I didn’t post anything for about a week. It is Chinese New Year time & I am on holidays. Today I got a chance & thought of sharing a quick recipe.
Marshmallows are a favorite of most of the people. I saw chocolate covered marshmallows in many blogs & thought of trying them at home.
Here is the recipe.
Ingredients (for 10 nos)
10 marshmallows (white)
10 pop sticks
Dark chocolate chips
Insert marshmallows in pop sticks.
Heat chocolate using a double boiler or microwave oven.
Once chocolate is melted, dip marshmallows pop on it & cover with sprinkles.
Use a foam to keep them until chocolate is dried.
I prepared those for my niece’s birthday. She celebrated her 2nd birthday few days ago & I could prepare some food including the cake. 🙂
Here is a photo of my niece-The Birthday Girl!!!
It was very hard to capture a photo of her as she was running around like a butterfly…..