Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti)-Indian Roti Recipe

Roomali Roti/Rumali roti is another great hit at our home. We loved this Indian Roti and found the recipe from Vah Chef.(Chef Sanjay Thumma).He explains this recipe well in his video tutorial and I thought of trying this for a dinner. As per him, Roomali means handkerchief. So this Roomali Roti should be very thin and soft.

Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti)-Indian Roti Recipe
To make Roomali roti, some skills are needed. A skill person will flip the dough balls in air to make the thinnest possible roti. However I used a roller and rolled over the counter top. Still the taste was good though the Rotis were rolled.
Again, for the Rumali roti, there is a cooking technique. They are cooked in an upside down bowl type cooking pan. Therefore to make this roti, the bowl type pan is needed to heat upside down. But I didn’t try this method; basically I don’t want to heat inside of a pan. Therefore I used a flat pan.

Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti)-Indian Roti Recipe
Here is the recipe for Roomali Roti, you will like this if you are a fan of Indian food.
Ingredients (5-6 Roti)
1 cup wheat flour
1/2 cups all-purpose flour (Maida)
2-3 tbspn cooking oil
1/2 cup water or as required
Salt to taste

How to make Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti)-Indian Roti Recipe

Preparation of the dough
Add flour & salt together & sift into a medium bowl.
Gradually add water & make a dough. Then add cooking oil to this dough and knead the dough on a cleaned & greased counter top for about 5 minutes.
Make small golf sized balls from this dough. Cover using a damp cloth. Allow to rest for about 1 hour.
Making the roti

After 1 hour,
Take a small ball of dough.
On a very cleaned & greased counter top, place the dough and roll it as much as thin.  Turn it both side & roll again.
Meantime, heat a pan and this pan should be highly heated to make the perfect Roomali  Roti.
Once the roti dough is rolled to very thin roti, place it on heated pan.
Don’t overcook, after 2-3 seconds turn the roti.(this is to avoid crispy roti)
After another 2-3 seconds, roti is done. Fold into triangle shape and remove from the pan.
Continue the process with remaining dough balls.
Serve with a spicy curry.
I served with a mixed vegetable curry and a Coconut sambola.(Though coconut sambola is a Sri Lankan dish, it perfectly goes with most of Indian Rotis)
Roomali Roti should be soft and thin. To achieve that, heat the pan well. A cold/less heated pan will not give the soft rotis.
Once the roti is placed on the pan, turn it into other side in about 2-3 seconds.

Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti)-Indian Roti Recipe