Bada Iringu
Corn Recipes are always delicious with its creamy taste. In Sri Lanka, we always like to eat fresh corn cobs after boil in water.(Commonly called as ‘Bada Iringu’).Boiled Bada Iringu is a common street food in Sri Lanka, specially when we travel for long trips towards the southern part of Sri Lanka. I was lucky enough to eat fresh corn just after picked from the plant. Now, here in Singapore, I still buy corn cobs and try to adapt them in recipes. But GMO is something I am not very sure in these products.


Cup corn recipes are the easiest Corn recipes among others. Recently I shared an easy recipe of Cup Corn with Butter. This is another easy Corn recipe, but this is bit spicy due to adding of pepper.
When I check for recipes, I found this recipe is bit similar with Indian Corn Chaat recipes. But they add onion & coriander leaves to make this more flavourful!
Bada Iringu Recipe
Here is my recipe for Easy & Spicy Corn with Pepper
Ingredients (2 servings)
2 cups of frozen corn kernel or 2 corn cobs (fresh corn)
2 tspn  of butter
A pinch of salt
Pepper as per taste
If fresh corn cobs are using, peel the corn from the cob to prepare corn kernel.
Heat 3 cups of water.
Once water start to boil, add corn kernel & mix well.
Corn will boil in about 2 minutes. or if not steam corn for few minutes.
Strain the water.
Heat a pan. Add butter. When butter melts, add corn & mix well. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper as per your taste.
Spicy Cup Corn is ready to serve.
Tip:Add some sliced onion & chopped coriander leaves for more taste.
Sri Lanka

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